Monday, April 1, 2013

Adfly Nuke

Adfly Nuke is an adfly bot, also referred to as adfly clicker. It was made by me (Am a very good C++ and C# coder) and used privately by me and a couple of my friends. Now, I've decided to share this adfly bot with the rest of the world.

adfly bot

You can make it start automatically on startup (When started in startup, it runs minimized and can be turned of with Task Manager in the process list). This is a great advantage, because I added this adfly bot to all 25 computers in my school. So, it basically views my adfly links all day from different IP addresses (proxies) that I found on, and I earn about $50 a day with this adfly bot.

If you can't install this at your school because you don't have the admin or the deep freeze password (happened to me), you'll need to crack those passwords with OPHCRACK (google it).

You can find a demonstration on how to use this Adfly bot here:

In order to download this Adfly bot, you'll need to complete a short survey or submit a valid e-mail or download a small program or register at some site. Why all of this pain, you ask? Simply because I get a couple of dimes for every downloads. This takes no more than 3 minutes to complete and the reward is AMAZING!

Click here to download this amazing adfly bot.